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Gas Metal Inserts

Direst vent gas inserts provide the warmth and glow of a real wood burning fire without any of the inconvenience. All Heat & Glo direct vent gas inserts are AFUE rated, energy efficient, and offer an airtight seal, for peace of mind and comfort. Combine any insert with the wide range of control options and a warn, cozy room is just a flip of the switch away.


GRAND-135 Highly efficient and completely airtight, this system is the largest of the gas metal inserts. Seven cermic fiber logs provide a realistic and beautiful fire.

SUPREME-130 Is designed to fit most existing fireplace openings. The realistic fire is highlighted by variety of fronts all with a large viewing area.
COSMO-135 is features a uniique reflextive black glass refractory liner that displays exceptional angles of the contemporary ribbon of flames surrounded by your choice of modern media. COSMO-130 The casual yet sophisticated design of this insert hightlights the modern ribbon of flames and carries through to the sleek curve of the Halo front.  

Gas Firebrick Inserts

Our exclusive FireBrick technology resists rust and corrosion on the interior of the firebox and eliminates noise associated with the heating and cooling of metal. FireBrick technology also generates, retains and rediates significanty more heat into the room than a metal fireplace

ESCAPE 135FB ensures dependable and energy efficient heating. With the largest viewing area available and a variety of front options, this fireplace completes the look and feel of any room. ESCAPE 130FB - insstantly creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The efficient and reliable heat is easily controlled and produced on demand with the IntelliFire Plus remote control option.

Gas Slimline Inserts

The SlimLine Series - Fireplaces that take up a little space but give you a lots of options, and a lot for your money. They're all about value, size and heat options. Value because the Seriers is the best in it' class, while remaining absolutely affordable.

SL-350TRS Perfectly accents a foggten corner, bringing warmth and a beautiful glow into the room. This AFUE reated fireplace has up to 20,500 BTU's of heating capacity making it ideal for small to medium size rooms SL-550TR - offers all the appeal of a traditional fireplace with an updated look and feel. The striking fire is framed by fire ceramic gas logs and an optional brick refactory.
SL-750TR - with the modern lines and features of the Luna cast mantel. The IntelliFire Ignition System conserves energy while the top or rear direct vent maintains indoor air quality. SL-950TR - features the largest viewing area in the Slim Line series. An impressive, unobstructed view of the stunning flame is easily through the 42" viewing area.



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